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Zhende was Named to the Most Socially Responsible Medical Device Manufacturer

April 10 witnessed the convening of the 11th China Medical Equipment Industry Data Release Conference and Medical Equipment After-sales Service System Improvement and Sustainable Development Summit Forum organized by CMD. The event gave recognition to enterprises making outstanding contribution to epidemic prevention and control. Zhende was named to the Most Socially Responsible Medical Device Manufacturer. 


The sudden outbreak in 2020 has taken a heavy toll on the economy and people’s livelihood in China and has caused a global medical equipment shortage. In the worldwide fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, medical equipment ranging from ECMO, CT, ventilator and patient monitor to masks, goggles and protective clothing has played a significant role in epidemic prevention and control and disease treatment. 


To ensure adequate supply of anti-epidemic materials, Zhende, a medical supplies manufacturer with a keen sense of social responsibility, has taken the lead in fighting the epidemic. The company has donated a large amount of medical supplies, made significant contribution to effective epidemic prevention and control, carried forward the spirit of dedication and built a positive brand image.


The Award of the Most Socially Responsible Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China is an acknowledgement from the conference and the general public. It will spur Zhende on to further progress and drive Zhende to continue the efforts to provide professional and thoughtful products and services for every user.