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Zhende is on the List of the CHEO Healthcare Industry Brand Development Index Medical Device List for 2020-2021

The 2021 CHEO Dinner Party “Gathering • Bright Future - CHEO • the Healthcare Industry Brand Development Index Release for 2020-2021” conference kicked off in Boao on September 26, 2021.

The Healthcare Industry Brand Development Index reflects the brand competitiveness in the healthcare industry and encompasses the most competitive and influential brand clusters in the industry. High scorers are usually top brands and socially responsible brands.

Zhende, a top household medical device brand in China, was on the Healthcare Industry Brand Development Index Medical Device List for 2020-2021. Shen Zhenfang, vice president of Zhende, receive the brand on behalf of Zhende.

With an unswerving focus on medical supplies over the past 27 years, Zhende has lived up to the reputation of a top medical supplies manufacturer in China. 



Zhende exhibited a wide variety of products at the conference that ranged from wound care, mouth and nose care to protective equipment.

Visitors thronged the exhibition booth of Zhende. They came to learn more about the products, collected information and exchanged business cards. Some of them sat down to learn details about Zhende’s products. The others looked around and browsed through the display shelves. Everyone spoke highly of the extensive range of the products, their high quality and the premium service of Zhende. 

Zhende’s product managers introduced to visitors the product usage and effects patiently and answered their questions in detail. 


2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan and is also the first year of the last decade for the implementation of the Healthy China 2030 initiative. As China shifts from high-speed development to high-quality development, the healthcare industry, for its significant and unique role in social and economic development, will embrace great opportunities and also face huge challenges.

As an industry leader, Zhende will seize opportunities and overcome challenges. In the future, Zhende will continue to deliver professional, detail-oriented services, align with clinical needs, develop the most valuable healthcare solutions, establish the company as the most trustworthy partner in the field of medical supplies and provide better protection for customers around China.