COVID-19 News

Work as one to Fight the Epidemic | Zhende Goes all out Supporting Epidemic Prevention and Control

Work as one to Fight the Epidemic Zhende is Taking Action 


Local confirmed COVID-19 cases and asymptomatic infections have been reported in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Xi’an, Shanghai and many other places in China. In response to the growing outbreak and soaring demand for masks, disinfectants, protective clothing and other basic anti-epidemic supplies, Zhende has worked at full capacity to ensure the supply of those materials.

The Workshop of Zhende Went into Full Swing

“We took immediate action, reduced safety stock and brought production into full swing,” said Zhu Shouxi, workshop director of Zhende, “we had maintained safety stock of various products. When the epidemic situation worsened, we had enough time to adjust production. Therefore, we had managed to increase our daily production capacity for masks to 15 million in just a few days, which can fully meet the demand under the current epidemic situation.”


Uninterrupted Delivery at The Warehouse of Zhende 

Zhende has been meticulous about every step from raw materials manufacturing to production to supply. The logistics department of Zhende worked at full capacity to increase the transportation efficiency as much as possible. 


Zhende Delivers Medical Supplies to Frontline Healthcare Workers 

Known as the “arsenal for epidemic prevention and control”, Zhende has accumulated a lot of experience in the adequate supply of anti-epidemic materials and timely delivery of those materials to customers, especially the frontline healthcare workers, through a quality assurance system which ensures that raw materials, production processes and product inspections are up to the national standards, an integrated supply chain management system, a rapid response mechanism for the whole process of procurement, production, quality control, logistics and sales, as well as the establishment of safety stocks. 


Zhende feels obliged to fight the epidemic for the country

Zhende’s employees have been working tirelessly day and night this winter

and have been standing together

to provide strong support for epidemic prevention and control

Although the winter lasts too long

the spring will surely come

We will make it