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Zhende was Presented the Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2021 Award

The 11th Philanthropy Festival kicked off in Shanghai on January 13 and lasted untll January 14, 2022. Founded in 2011, it is the first festival of its kind in China jointly initiated by mass media. 

Over the past 11 years, the Philanthropy Festival has evolved into the most influential annual event in the field of public welfare and charity in China. It presented Zhende as the Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2021 Award in acknowledgement of the company’s   outstanding performance in fulfilling corporate social responsibility and significant contribution to public welfare undertakings. 


Zhende Received the Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2021 Award



Active Engagement in Public Welfare Undertakings and Fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility

The award gives recognition to Zhende’s active engagement in public welfare undertakings and fulfillment of corporate social responsibility over the past years.

Our journey of charity doesn’t end here. Known as the “arsenal for epidemic prevention and control,” Zhende has maintained safety stocks of various anti-epidemic materials, including 200 million masks, 2 million sets of protective clothing, and 2 million sets of surgical gowns. These safety stocks can meet the needs for anti-epidemic supplies in case of an outbreak. Besides, our factory has a maximum daily production capacity of 15 million masks and 30,000 sets of protective clothing to ensure adequate daily supply of anti-epidemic materials.


Orderly Production of Masks at Zhende’s Workshop

“Wherever the epidemic is, wherever we are.” Zhende pays close attention to the epidemic situation and ensures adequate stockpiles of anti-epidemic materials and stable production in response to the call of Chinese government for epidemic prevention and control.  

Since the outbreak, Zhende has taken immediate action to donate funds and the most needed materials to areas that are hit by surging COVID infections. In 2021 alone, Zhende had donated funds and materials that exceed RMB 10 million and had built a strong fortress for people working at the frontlines of epidemic prevention and control. 


Zhende donated RMB 2 million in cash and 1.2 million masks as well as 10,000 sets of protective clothing and isolation gowns to Shaoxing for epidemic prevention and control on December 14, 2021.


Zhende donated RMB 3 million worth of anti-epidemic materials to Xi’an on December 29, 2021.

Wherever there is a need, there is Zhende.

When Henan was hit by the flood, Zhende dispatched medical supplies overnight and donated those materials to the disaster-stricken area in support of epidemic prevention and control there. 


Zhende donated RMB 3 million worth of emergency supplies to Henan for flood control and disaster relief on July 22, 2021.

*The above pictures show some of the donations


Public Welfare and Loving Care

Since the inception in 1994, Zhende has attached importance to both business growth and public welfare. Over the past two decades and more, Zhende has striven for the highest quality, the most effective management and the fastest corporate business development while making fulfillment of corporate social responsibility a strategic focus of the company. Through the establishment of poverty relief foundations, scholarships and volunteer teams etc., Zhende has taken practical action to fulfill social responsibility, spread positive energy, and promote public welfare undertakings. 


Zhende held the 3rd Scholarship Award Ceremony in September 2021


Warm-hearted and Reliable 

For Zhende, public welfare undertakings are an integral part of the company’s business development and strategic planning. In the future, Zhende will continue to fulfill social responsibility, put people first and further contribute to charity and public welfare undertakings to deliver its commitment to making healthy life more accessible.