COVID-19 News

Shaoxing-based Zhende Donated RMB 3 Million Worth of Medical Supplies to Xi’an

Xi’an has been recently hit by the growing outbreak. From 0 to 24:00 on December 28, 151 new local confirmed cases were reported. Since December 9, a total of 922 local confirmed cases have been reported.


Since the outbreak in Xi’an, many people have been concerned about the health and safety of people living in the city. On December 29, Zhende teamed up with Yikang Pharmaceutical and Yilian Health to donate to the Shaanxi Red Cross Society 1,407 boxes of RMB 3 million worth of masks, protective clothing, isolation gowns, disinfectant wipes and other anti-epidemic supplies. 


Hu Junwu, vice president of Zhende, said: Fighting the epidemic is not an individual matter. We are obliged to fulfill our social responsibility, contribute our best efforts to support epidemic prevention and control and stand together with the people of Xi’an in these difficult times. We believe that with the strong leadership of the government at all levels, the selfless dedication of the community workers and the joint efforts of everyone, we will be able to win the battle against the epidemic.


The wind was whistling a chilly tune in December. But work at the warehouse of Zhende was in full swing. Everyone was busy transporting materials to ensure that the anti-epidemic supplies be sent to healthcare workers and people in Xi’an as soon as possible.  


After all the goods were loaded, the truck slowly pulled out of Zhende’s warehouse, carrying the medical supplies and also the best wishes and loving care of people in Shaoxing for the people in Xi’an.

As a leading medical supplies manufacturer in China, Zhende has established itself as a people-centered, trustworthy and socially responsible company that delivers professional, detail-oriented services. We are very aware that effective epidemic prevention and control is a shared responsibility of the entire society and cannot be possibly achieved by just a few people. In the future, Zhende will continue its efforts to support public welfare programs, contribute to the society and forge ahead steadfastly. 

Time and resources are a matter of life and death in the fight against the epidemic

We will stand together in these difficult times

and secure final victory in the battle against the epidemic

Though Zhende is from Shaoxing it will be there for Xi’an

and help it tide over the difficulty