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Good News! Zhende Medical Was Named One of the Top Ten Health Industry Brands in 2022 by Beijing Evening News

On December 30, the Industry Annual General Evaluation List of Beijing Evening News in 2022 was officially released, and the Top Ten Health Industry Brands in 2022 and the List of Home Standing Drugs/Devices Recommended by Beijing Evening News Readers in 2022 were also released.

As a leading medical device brand in the industry, Zhende Medical was awarded one of the top ten brands in the health industry in 2022, and the Zhende Medical mask was selected as a home standing medical mask recommended by Beijing Evening News readers in 2022. 


At present, China's epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage, with the focus of work shifting from "preventing infection" to "protecting health and preventing severe cases". The public health awareness has risen to a new level, and the massive health industry is facing huge development opportunities and many new challenges.

Since the release of the "Ten New Measures", epidemic prevention and control in various regions have entered a new stage. The concept of "everyone wearing masks" has become a consensus, and the mask has become one of the most indispensable epidemic prevention supplies at present.

As a leading enterprise in the Chinese medical supplies industry, Zhende Medical immediately accelerated the production of various masks, disinfection products, antigen detection reagents and other protective products, allocated capacity, and provided epidemic prevention supplies for medical institutions and regions.

As an industry-leading manufacturer of medical and epidemic prevention supplies, Zhende Medical products are sold in more than 6,300 hospitals in various provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country. The occupancy rate of the top 100 chain pharmacies reaches 97%, covering a total of over 100,000 pharmacies across the country. In addition, the Company has opened more than 10 stores online, with the number of fans of over 8 million.  

Zhende Medical was named one of the top ten brands in the health industry in 2022, which not only affirms the products and strength of the Zhende brand, but also represents the trust and support of both the industry and consumers for the Zhende brand.

In the future, Zhende Medical will seize opportunities and meet challenges.

Furthermore, Zhende Medical will continue to adhere to the belief of "dedicating to profession and loving for subtlety", creating the most valuable healthcare solutions and becoming the most trusted partner in the healthcare industry.  Zhende Medical will protect and care for your health with professionalism, and become the health guardians of countless Chinese families!