Staff style

Staff activities

Zhende Medical always creates an efficient, relaxed and caring working atmosphere for employees, improves their happiness and promotes the balance between work and life. Every year, we continue to carry out various activities, such as annual welcome to the new year, first line women employees organize travel, goddess festival activity


Zhende Medical tries every means to build various platforms and create various conditions to helps employees improve their quality“ Value dazzling shining , so that employees have a higher level of sense of gain, happiness. Perfect training System, help to enhance the value. In 2020, the company will focus on different departments and different professional parties more than 406 face-to-face training sessions were organized, with a total of more than 19000 person times and a training coverage rate of about 48%, The average training time per employee is more than 30 hours.

Social activities

In 2018, the company set up a charity volunteer team. Every year, it regularly organized volunteer teams to go to various schools to make donations, to nursing homes to offer sympathy and assistance, to various squares to carry out charity sales, and various types of volunteer team activities, which contributed to Zhende people's love and gained Zhende people's cohesion and unity.