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Zhende Medical is a leading provider of health care products in China, serving 31 provinces and municipalities in China.Zhende products serve nearly ten thousand medical institutions in China. By the end of December 2020, Zhende products have covered more than 1,570 tertiary hospitals in China.

Beijing Union Medical College, Sichuan West China Hospital, PLA General Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, Xijing Hospital, Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of science and technology, Huashan Hospital and Peking University First Hospital are all important partners of Zhende.

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Zhende health

Under the big retail line, the main retail drugstore is currently in the layout of supermarkets and convenience stores. Products into 1200 chain drugstores, 70000 drugstores, sales covering the country. More than 90% of the top 100 drugstores entered.

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Online business is a booming new business of Zhende

At present, the large retail online segment has realized cooperation with mainstream e-commerce platforms, and actively explored new retail sales platforms, such as content e-commerce, social e-commerce, live e-commerce, etc. Realize online and offline linkage, and provide convenient and efficient professional medical and health services for customers.

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Zhende sub brand


Pefitt brand focuses on pressure socks
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Lingtu brand is a professional brand of sports protective equipment in the close layer
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Stanger brand focuses on sports rehabilitation and health care
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Pujian brand focuses on medical operation bag and medicine changing bag