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Zhende Medical Incorporates Healthy Textile Technology into Product Innovation

On March 31, 2023, the Science Forum for Post-epidemic Health Management sponsored by the China Health Care Association was successfully held in Beijing, at which Professor Wang Jian, the director of the Institute of Sports Science and Health Engineering, Zhejiang University and the chief scientific adviser of Zhende Medical, delivered a special speech on the Application of Textile Technology in Health Management.

In his speech, Professor Wang Jian proposed that healthy textile is a new textile technology field and product system formed by the deep integration of textile technology and healthcare, which has the functions of regulating human functions, reducing disease risks, and improving quality of life. In addition, he also shared the achievements in the research and development of textile products of Zhende Medical as the chief scientific advisor.

Firstly, he proposed the application of healthy textiles in masks. In the past three years of the epidemic, with the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of masks, healthy textiles have also been applied to the research &development and production of masks. The low resistance masks of Zhende Medical effectively utilize this technology, which greatly reduces the ventilation resistance of the masks and improves the wearing experience. 


Secondly, he emphasized that although the epidemic has gradually ended, related "sequela" such as back pain and neck discomfort, etc. still have an impact on people, and wearing protective equipment can effectively improve this problem. The application of healthy textiles in protective equipment can bring a more comfortable and effective user experience to the public through the upgrading and innovation of product fabrics.

Zhende Medical has always paid close attention to the development of the field of protective equipment in the post-epidemic era, and reached cooperation with Professor Wang Jian on the protective equipment research and development project. Through the upgrading of fabrics and the innovation and breakthrough of product technology, Zhende Medical, together with the Sports Science Team of Zhejiang University, will combine healthy textile technology with user experience to provide users with more efficient and comfortable solutions. 


 Ms. Shen Zhenfang, Vice President of Zhende Medical, 

issued an appointment letter for Professor Wang Jian 

As the only enterprise involved in the formulation of the production standard of China's gradient compression stockings, Zhende Medical has been engaged in the field of protective equipment for more than 20 years, and has launched a series of protective products such as antithrombotic gradient stockings, anti-varicose veins compression stockings, kneelet, waist support, etc., which have been highly praised by consumers and patients.

In the future, Zhende Medical will continue to pay attention to the application and development of health textiles in protective products, and integrate the latest technology into products, providing consumers with efficient and comfortable product experiences, and achieving the brand ideal of bringing healthy life within reach.