Media Report

Zhende Medical Has Been Listed on the Top 100 Global Medical Device Companies in 2022!

Thanks to its excellent market performance and revenue, Zhende Medical has successfully been listed on the Top 100 Global Medical Device Companies in 2022, becoming one of the 12 Chinese companies in the top 100. As an industry-leading medical device manufacturer, Zhende Medical is deeply honored to be listed on this international authoritative list, which not only reflects the strong strength of Zhende Medical, but also represents the expectations and trust of mass media and professional institutions!  


According to the latest report Development Status and Trends of China's Medical Device Industry, the size of China's medical device market is expected to reach RMB 958.2 billion in 2022, and the compound growth rate in the past seven years is about 17.5%. China's medical device market has become the second largest market in the world.

In the face of opportunities and challenges, Zhende Medical is moving forward steadily. In addition to consolidating and innovating existing products, it also expands its subdivisions, and develops new channels of high-value consumables and equipment such as respiratory and anesthesia consumables and minimally invasive procedure instruments, providing better one-stop solutions.

Looking back at the thirty years of development of medical devices in China, as well as the 29 years of continuous growth of Zhende Medical, we have made progress together with China's medical device industry, and we believe that in the near future, Zhende Medical will grow into a leading medical and health enterprise with a foothold in the domestic market, a layout in the medical and health fields, and a certain international influence!