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Zhende Medical Is Amazing in Shanghai with Four Major Sub-brands

During May 14-17, the 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), a "carrier level" event for the global medical device industry, was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhende Medical debuted with a group of innovative products and solutions. Let's take a look at what surprises the exhibition brought on the first day! 


Zhende Medical has a layout of "medical + health", with a product line covering different usage scenarios such as bandaging and immobilization, wound care, surgical sensory control, basic care, protective isolation, pressure treatment and VTE prevention, ostomy incontinence care, high-end wound care, personal care, rehabilitation care, and intravenous care. 


In this exhibition, Zhende Medical and its four subsidiaries MDS, Steriger, SIMP and Embrace appeared together.  Through the integration of wound products from SIMP, bandage products from MDS, protective equipment products from Steriger and pre-filled catheter flushers from Embrace, Zhende Medical further enriches and optimizes its core product line to provide better one-stop medical solutions for medical care. 


On site, Zhende Medical also prepared a wonderful new product launch event for the friends who visited the booth, providing detailed explanations of the latest products, concepts, and technologies, making participants deeply feel the innovative concept of Zhende Medical's new products. 


At the same time, many customers personally experienced the operation and gave high praise to the new product. People came to the booth to watch the products and inquire in an endless stream. Especially the ultrasonic scalpel, stapler, and intelligent collection system of waste liquid exhibited in this exhibition have aroused strong interest from customers. In addition, Zhende Medical has also prepared a live broadcast of "Online Viewing of Exhibition Hall + Product Explanation" for online domestic and international customers, and conducted on-site interaction and in-depth exchanges with participants from around the world offline.  

At this grand event, Zhende Medical has gained a lot. Through innovative products that are "dedicated to profession" and services that "love for subtlety", it has created a brand image, enhanced brand influence, and shared research results with medical colleagues from around the world for academic discussions and technical exchanges.

In the future, Zhende Medical will continue to make breakthroughs, carry out innovation and change, pursue excellence, provide more professional technical support, high-quality products, and one-stop solutions, and become a leading medical and health industry with a foothold in the domestic market, a layout in the medical and health fields, and a certain international influence.