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Zhende Attended the 24th National Operating Room Nursing Academic Conference

The 24th National Operating Room Nursing Academic Conference kicked off in Haikou, Hainan, on December 3 and lasted until December 4, 2020. Zhende, a leading supplier of operating room infection control products and protective equipment in China, was invited to attend the conference.

The conference was organized by Chinese Nursing Association. The leadership of the National Health Commission, Chinese Nursing Association and Chinese Journal of Nursing as well as Chinese and foreign experts in healthcare, infection control, management and operating room nursing delivered keynote speeches. About 3,000 people, including operating room experts from China and abroad, as well as operating room head nurses and nursing backbones from hospitals around China, attended the conference. As a high-level academic exchange platform, the conference expounded on, summarized and encouraged exchange of views about new nursing methods, theories and achievements, explored new ways for operating room nursing and promoted the inclusion of operating room nursing into a Healthy China.      


Over the past 26 years, Zhende has been specializing in medical supplies manufacturing and has been committed to guaranteeing safety in medical devices and reducing healthcare costs. The company’s product portfolio consists of basic dressings, modern wound care, infection control in operating rooms, traditional wound care, pressure therapy and immobilization, home care, sports protective gear and disinfectants. With 4 production bases and a sales network covering 31 provinces, regions and cities in China, Zhende provides products and solutions for nearly 10,000 medical institutions and more than 60,000 pharmacies in China and also for customers in 73 other countries that are mostly in Europe and America. The company is a leader in operating room infection control, protective equipment, pressure therapy and other market segments in China. 


At the large exhibition hall in the conference venue, Zhende exhibited products including protective equipment and operating room infection control products. Infection control series including surgical gowns, surgical bags, protective clothing and isolation gowns were the center of attention. The exhibition booth of Zhende attracted a lot of visitors including Chinese and foreign scholars and experts, who were very interested in Zhende’s products and were much impressed by the reliable quality of Zhende’s products and patient, detailed introduction of Zhende’s staff.


During the exhibition, Zhende organized a workshop on “Identification and Selection of Protective Equipment” which consisted of lectures, games and experiential activities. The knowledge sharing and interaction on the site helped customers deepen their understanding of the advantages and performance of Zhende’s products and attracted many customers to participate in the activities. The exhibition booth of Zhende had attracted the largest number of visitors in the entire exhibition hall. 

The COVID-19 pandemic hit China at the beginning of 2020. Zhende, a medical supplies manufacturer, fought at the frontlines of epidemic prevention and control and in response to the call of the Chinese government, donated funds and materials, for which the company was named to the Advanced Unit in Fighting the Epidemic by the Central Party Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission of China. Zhende has regarded epidemic prevention and control a mission and responsibility of the company.

In the future, Zhende will continue to align with customer needs and leverage its expertise in clinical medicine to optimize the end-to-end delivery. Meanwhile, we will strive to provide better products and solutions for medical sports protection and home care, and establish the company as a global leader in medical supplies and home care solutions.