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“Zhende” High-speed Train Embarks on its Maiden Journey

A special inauguration ceremony for a high-speed train with Zhende as the title sponsor was held at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on October 20, 2020. Eight role models in epidemic prevention and control were presented with pennants by Zhende and joined the leadership of Zhende in the inauguration ceremony.  


The 8 role models held different posts at Zhende but shared a keen sense of responsibility at work. They were ordinary, lovely and respectable heroes. Thanks to the persistent efforts and selfless dedication of people like them, we have been able to overcome difficulties and achieve fruitful results.  

At the CHEO in Boao, Hainan in August, Zhende was presented with the CHEO Gold Award and the honor of “Generous Supporter and Key Player in Epidemic Prevention and Control”. At the National Commendation Conference for Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic, Zhende was named to the Advanced Unit in Fighting the Epidemic. The credit should be given to those role models. During the outbreak, Zhende responded to the call of Chinese government to increase production capacity for anti-epidemic supplies, and cooperated with the government in allocating anti-epidemic materials, which reflected a keen sense of social responsibility and also ushered in rapid development of the company. 


Mr. Hu Junwu, vice president of Zhende, delivered an address on the site, according to which the “Zhende” high-speed train is an important measure of the branding campaign and will spread the name and reputation of Zhende wherever the train goes. It will allow Zhende to accelerate market expansion and also drive Zhende to improve quality, service and speed to satisfy customer needs.

At present, China leads the world in high-speed rail. That is why Zhende chooses high-speed train as the media for its branding campaign. With 100 trains traveling along eight vertical routes and eight horizontal routes, Zhende expects to popularize its reliable products and premium services throughout the economic centers and reach out to more households. High-speed rail will allow Zhende to combine Chinese brand with Chinese speed to empower the brand. According to Hu Junwu, vice president of Zhende, the company will continue its efforts to reduce risks in medical devices and guarantee safety in medical devices through stringent quality control while developing high-quality products to shorten the treatment process, avoid additional expenses and reduce the overall cost of medical care. In the process of fulfilling the corporate mission, Zhende will advance more steadily, faster and further.


Mrs. Liu Jia, assistant to the chairman and general manager of the business group of Yongda Media, attended the launching ceremony as a high-speed media partner, presented Hu Junwu a model of the “Zhende” Harmony High-speed Train, and wished Zhende high-speed development. 


On the first journey of the “Zhende” High-speed Train from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Xi’an North Station, passengers interreacted with Zhende’s staff and received nifty co-branded masks carefully prepared by the company. The company will continue to deliver professional, detail-oriented service, provide generous support to every non-professional family doctor, establish Zhende as an influential medical supplies manufacturer in the world and reach out to more households.