COVID-19 News

Zhende’s Employees Build the first Line of Defense for Epidemic Prevention and Control

After the COVID-19 epidemic hit Wuhan during the Spring Festival of 2020, medical staff from all over China have rushed to the epicenter to fight the epidemic. However, the epidemic situation worsened and medical protective materials were in short supply. As a leader in the production of anti-epidemic materials in China, Zhende is obliged to contribute its best effort to epidemic prevention and control.


In response to the outbreak, Zhende, with Chairman Lu Jianguo at the helm, took thelead in deploying all the existing inventory and coordinating all human and material resources to ensure production and supply of medical supplies.  

On January 21, Zhende received the notice about guaranteeing production during the epidemic and responded immediately. The leadership of the company quickly organized various departments in holding an emergency meeting on fighting the COVID-19 epidemic and set out making arrangements for production, materials, equipment and manpower during the upcoming Spring Festival. 


The Emergency Supplies Production and Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters was established on January 24 to ensure unified deployment, orderly division of labor, more efficient scheduling of materials and adequate supply and production while ensuring the safety of employees. It put adequate supply as the top priority and improved efficiency markedly during the epidemic.

On January 26, the headquarters held an emergency meeting for work deployment, during which it called back employees working elsewhere and launched a recruitment plan for workers at the production line. Afterwards, 99 employees got into position for emergency production.

To accelerate production and increase capacity, employees of various departments took the initiative to work at the frontline such as production and packaging. Everyone was busy at the packaging line, transportation line and many other posts except the clean production area where direct contact with products is prohibited.

After human-to-human transmission of COVID-19 was confirmed on January 20, sales at Zhende’s Tmall flagship store alone had soared about 100 times of the usual amount. To ensure timely delivery, the warehouse went into full swing and employees from various departments joined in packing and quick delivery. Chairman Lu predicted an inadequate production capacity, to make up for which the company purchased the idle mask production line from Honghu, Hubei and urgently transported it to Yanling, Xuchang.

After the newly purchased raw materials of protective clothing arrived in Yanling on January 26 and the core equipment for protective clothing production - heat-sealing tape machine – arrived on January 28 as scheduled, all the equipment for protective clothing production was ready. Meanwhile, 180 employees had received training and got ready to start work at the production lines. These preparations had brought the protective clothing production of Zhende to a higher level.

To make up for the shortage of masks straps, Song Jiuxing and Li Jinwei, PE engineers of the Engineering Department of Zhende Henan, took the initiative to transform the weaving machine for producing bandages into a mask strap machine. Working day and night, Zhende Henan successfully put the mask strap production line into operation on February 20, which was very helpful in sustaining production when raw materials were in short supply at that time.

As the epidemic spread widely, a lot of suppliers of mask raw materials shut down and suspended supply. Meanwhile, with rising production capacity, Zhende was in urgent need of raw materials. Shortly after the Spring Festival, the procurement team resumed work and rushed around to seek for the rare supply of raw materials. They stayed at the suppliers’ business premises to vie for raw materials and ensure smooth production at Zhende.  


To keep pace with the production, the equipment department went into full swing during the epidemic. From new equipment debugging to support for workshop equipment maintenance, the equipment team had stood fast and remained at their posts.

Factories in various regions resumed work on February 1. To help employees return to work timely during this special period, the Administration Department dispatched vehicles of the company and employees to towns and villages to pick them up. To ensure the health and safety of employees, the administrative service teams of Zhende strengthened disinfection and entry and exit control and regularly inspected the epidemic prevention and control measures in each area.



In response to the request of the headquarters, the human resources departments in each region have launched multi-channel recruitment programs and brought into full play offline recruitment and online publicity since January 26. In addition to generous rewards for recommending persons from internal and external channels, the local human resources departments have worked closely with the local human resources and social security bureaus to recruit 1,442 formal production line employees and retain 1,058 on-the-job employees in Shaoxing and Xuchang, two major production areas of Zhende, as of the end of April.

To help employees in other provinces return to Shaoxing and resume work timely and also to ensure their safety on the way back to work, the human resources department of Zhende Shaoxing arranged a bus for transportation between Shaoxing and Xuchang with the support of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Yuecheng District on February 16. It is the first bus in Shaoxing for transporting employees returning to work. It departed from Shaoxing, picked up 25 production line employees from Yanling, Xuchang, and brought them back to Shaoxing.

Learning that a lot of people in Shanxi were willing to join the production team of Zhende Shaoxing, the human resources department arranged personnel and bus immediately on February 20. Spanning 1,600 km and after spending 4 days, the bus arrived at Shanxi and brought back 15 new workers.  

Shortly after production resumption, Zhende was faced with a severe labor shortage. With the support of many government departments of Shaoxing, more than 150 volunteers from various sectors of society came and helped alleviate the production pressure.

On February 17, Shaoxing News gave a special report of mask and protective clothing production at Zhende. The report spoke highly of Zhende’s supply of more than 60% of the masks throughout the province and gave recognition to the efforts of Zhende in ensuring production, stabilizing prices and exerting the best effort to provide medical supplies and equipment for healthcare institutions and people around China.


The meaning of life lies in responsibility. A person can live life to the fullest only when he/she knows what he/she lives for. Without Zhende’s employees working hard and uniting as one, it would not be possible to bring the epidemic under control. It is our responsibility to ensure quality and our mission to guarantee safety in medical devices while reducing healthcare costs. We will take responsibility and stay true to our mission.

“Wherever the epidemic breaks out, Zhende stands together with healthcare workers and Chinese people to fight it.” From female employees of the procurement, transportation and logistics departments, to engineers busy with equipment installation and commissioning, to workers at the production line for anti-epidemic materials, to the administration and human resources teams engaged in epidemic prevention and control and personnel recruitment, Zhende’s employees have been present at the frontline of the battle against the epidemic. They have worked hard and fulfilled their responsibilities. They are the pride of Zhende.