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Love Promotes Health

This year, Zhende teamed up with Love Saves Pneumoconiosis and JDH to launch online and offline events that were anchored on the theme - “Love Promotes Health.” The events aimed to raise awareness about respiratory health and pneumoconiosis and created a supportive social environment for the prevention and treatment of pneumoconiosis. Founded by Love Save Pneumoconiosis, a charity organization in China, the World Breathing Day aims to direct the public attention to respiratory health, especially workers with pneumoconiosis for whom breathing becomes extremely difficult.


The campaign started in Taiyuan, Shanxi, on June 12, which was then followed by projects in Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Nanchang and other provinces and cities across China. At the launching ceremony, volunteers actively participated in the interactive activities and experienced the breathing difficulties of people with pneumoconiosis. Through these activities they called for action to protect the environment, promote respiratory health and care for farmers with pneumoconiosis.


Zhende, a leading supplier of healthcare products in China and a socially responsible company, donated 1 million masks that are worth of RMB 328,700, including 979,000 disposable surgical masks and 21,000 KN95 masks. Since its inception, Zhende has persisted on “Responsibility, Learning, Dedication, and Integrity” in growing its main business and developing core competency. Meanwhile, Zhende has been actively engaged in public welfare undertakings, contributed to social development and built a positive and reputed brand image. 


Zhende has been innovating in the forefront of the industry and expanding product portfolio, which at first just consists of basic medical dressings and now covers another five categories: infection control in operating room, pressure therapy and immobilization, stoma and chronic wounds, home care products and personal protective equipment. Zhende has also been popularizing social responsibility among employees and calling for action to contribute to the society, for which the company has organized volunteers for public welfare programs on regular terms and provided materials and funds for those activities. In the future, Zhende will keep innovation going, shoulder social responsibility, contribute to the society and help create a better life for all.