Media Report

Chairman Lu Jianguo was Named as an Influential Zhejiang Businessman of 2020

The list of Influential Zhejiang Businessmen of 2020, the Academy Award in the economic sector of Zhejiang, was released on January 18, 2021. Lu Jianguo, chairman of Zhende, was presented with the award, which is an acknowledgment of his persistent efforts and phenomenal achievements in the past 27 years.    



On the eve of the Spring Festival, Zhende was assigned the urgent task of allocating medical supplies, for which the company mobilized all resources to increase production capacity. Learning that masks were in short supply at the frontlines of epidemic prevention and control, Chairman Lu was burning with anxiety and immediately led all employees of Zhende in fighting the smokeless war against the epidemic.   

However, we were short of raw materials and many other resources. To solve these problems, Chairman Lu took risks and visited and negotiated with suppliers in person.

Production was resumed and was soon in full swing at Zhende, thanks to which we were able to deliver 300,000 masks to Wuhan in just two days. In just 20 days, Chairman Lu led his team in delivering orders that were 100   

times of the usual amount in time and sent more than 100 million masks to various medical institutions across China.


“The reputation of every product concerns me.” He has lived up to his reputation.

When the country is facing a crisis, he steps forward boldly.

When the country needs him, there he surely is.

The masks are an epitome of his devotion to better protection for the people.

From a small factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy to a listed company and industry leader, the evolution of the factory witnesses his arduous endeavors in this land filled with ambitious entrepreneurs.

From the battle against SARS in 2003 to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in 2020, he has stared challenges in the face and shouldered the responsibility conferred onto a businessman from Zhejiang.