Media Report

Delivery of the first Batch of Disposable Epidermal Cell Separator

The first batch of Disposable Epidermal Cell Separator, a product independently developed by Zhende, was delivered and put into clinical use. 

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Patients with burn injuries have accounted for 2‰ to 10‰ of the total population in China in recent years. About 10 million people suffer from burns and up to hundreds of thousands of people need to be hospitalized for burn injuries every year. After a burn injury is cured, it often leaves scars, which affect the appearance, body shape and physical and mental health of the patients. At present, there are two treatment methods for large-area burn wounds: Microskin and RECELL. Both of them use limited skin sources and both have shortcomings. When using Microskin, it is difficult to expand the skin sheet, as a result of which the epidermal adhesion rate is low and the curative effect is not guaranteed. As to RECELL, it does not mix digestive enzymes with substrates very well and requires long, uneven digestion.


To work out a solution to those problems, Zhende developed a disposable epidermal cell separator that achieves dynamic digestion and separation. The product has obtained 2 invention patents and 1 utility patent and has been recognized as the first of its kind by Zhejiang Science and Technology Information Research Institute, the national first-level scientific and technological review institute in China.

The Disposable Epidermal Cell Separator of Zhende is mainly composed of three parts: the upper cover, the body and the lower cover. The body is comprised of a control panel, a digestion vessel, a filter vessel, a mixing vessel, a control unit, a heater, a vibration motor, a sensor and a power supply.


Compared with the traditional epidermal cell separation technology, the Disposable Epidermal Cell Separator of Zhende features fewer steps in operations, easier operations, less solutions and utensils, shorter operating time, and increase in the number of total cells and viable cells.

 Seizing the momentum of import substitution for medical devices in China, Zhende has focused on “brand power, innovation, expertise, and efficiency” to accelerate development of disposable medical supplies to meet the demand in the Chinese market, step up integration of industrial and product development and innovation, increase investment in R & D, marketing channel construction and talent development, achieve strategic transformation and enhance the core competency of the company.