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The One-of-a-kind Vaseline Gauze of Zhende

The Vaseline Gauze of Zhende is a famous product and a benchmark in the industry. The product was certified by Made in Zhejiang and was authorized with the use of the “quality” mark, which gives recognition to the product and also represents a step forward for the company towards the vision of “a trustworthy partner in the healthcare sector” and the mission of “guaranteeing safety in medical devices.” 


Over the past several decades, Zhejiang has evolved into an influential manufacturing power in China, which has greatly promoted industrialization and modernization of the province. In 2014, Zhejiang Province combined market-oriented operation with government guidance to launch the first regional public brand in China – “Made in Zhejiang.”

With “regional brand, advanced standards, market certification and international recognition” at the core, “Made in Zhejiang” takes the measures - benchmarking and certification – and brings together quality, technology, service and reputation to create a benchmark in the industry that is recognized by the market and society, represents an advanced regional brand in the manufacturing industry of Zhejiang, and is a synonym for top quality and high level.

“Made in Zhejiang” is a regional public brand that reflects the overall image of Zhejiang-based enterprises and products. It is a synonym for top quality and high grade. On the list of the third batch of single-item champion enterprises and single-item champion products in the manufacturing industry released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics recently, a total of 36 enterprises and products from Zhejiang Province were on the list, including 11 single-item champion demonstration enterprises, 6 single-item champion cultivation enterprises, and 19 single-item champion products. Enterprises and products from Zhejiang accounted for 22% of 160 enterprises and products nationwide on the list, ranking first in the country.


Zhende, a listed company and a leading supplier of medical dressings in China, has kept improving product quality and enriching product portfolio over the past 25 years. Meanwhile, the company has striven to develop single-item champion products. Vaseline Gauze, a competitive product of Zhende, has been a widely-acclaimed product and a benchmark in the industry. The product was certified by Made in Zhejiang and was authorized the use of the “quality” mark in acknowledgement of premium quality of Zhende.