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The Only Class III Acetate Fiber Dressing | The Acetate Fiber Oil Gauze of Zhende Receives Unanimous Praises

The acetate fiber oil gauze independently developed by Zhende is the only acetate fiber dressing classified in the category of Class III medical devices, so far. It is suitable for early treatment of superficial second-degree burns or acute wounds equivalent to superficial second-degree injuries and wounds incurred by skin grafting (including split-thickness skin grafts).  


Acetate Fiber Oil Gauze

It is after countless rounds of testing and improvement that Zhende launched the acetate fiber oil gauze, which is a high-performance product according to the numerous clinical trials and market feedback and has received unanimous praises from medical staff and patients. 


Clinical Application of Acetate Fiber Oil Gauze

Acetate fiber is made of cotton pulp and wood pulp, the cellulose of which is extracted and drawn into acetate filament through various processes. Like silk, acetate filament is comfortable to the touch, soft in texture and excellent in adaptability. Its moisture absorption capacity is much lower than that of absorbent cotton. It is resistant to the erosion of microorganisms, molds and fungi, and is biocompatible.


Acetate fiber oil gauze is created by injecting water-repellent emulsifiable concentrate into the base fabric made through a special weaving process of acetate fiber. It is a non-adherent medical dressing that keeps the wound moist (water-repellent emulsifiable concentrate is the emulsified state of the mixture of Vaseline and liquid paraffin). Acetate fiber oil gauze can reduce wound exudate, wound adhesion and wound reddening and swelling. In clinical use, it helps reduce pains upon dressing changes, drains quickly and minimize the risk of wound infection.


As a leading supplier of medical dressings in China, Zhende has persisted on technological upgrading and quality assurance over the past 27 years. In addition to acetate fiber oil gauze, the company has developed disposable epidermal cell separator, wet film dressing, polyurethane foam dressing and other new products recently. Zhende will dig further into the dressing market and continue to deliver quality products and professional, detail-oriented service for consumers.