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Successful Convening of the 2022 Annual Sales Conference for Zhende Retail Center Dealers


January 6 witnessed successful convening of the 2022 Annual Sales Conference for Zhende Retail Center Dealers. The conference was simultaneously held online and offline. 

Online and Offline Conference Held Simultaneously

The 2022 Annual Sales Conference for Zhende Retail Center Dealers kicked off in the morning of January 6. The leadership and the relevant personnel of the head office of Zhende held the online conference at the new Shaoxing-based location while regional dealers gathered and attended the online conference in the regions they are located at.

“Because of the epidemic, the conference was held online this year. But we can still attend the conference online and offline simultaneously. The past year was full of challenges and innovative forces. Thanks to the generous support of our dealers and the hard work of my colleagues, Zhende has strengthened R & D, kept innovation going, improved product features, made new breakthroughs in design, performance and appearance and achieved phenomenal results. The credit should be given to all of you. We’re looking forward to deepening cooperation with our dealers, digging into the retail sales, seeking for more breakthroughs and creativity in product development, and joining hands in promoting longer-term development for both parties for the year ahead,” said Lu Jianguo, president of Zhende, at the conference.  


Yu Yong, general manager of the retail center, formulated the overall sales strategy of the retail center for 2022, analyzed work in the first quarter and on this basis developed new plans.

Zeng Xiangli, marketing director of the retail center, reported on the marketing strategy and product planning for 2022, clarified the schedule of product development and launch in 2022 and emphasized the direction of product planning in the future.

At the end of the conference, Shen Zhenfang, vice president of Zhende, made the concluding remarks, “first of all, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to our dealers present. Although we are miles apart, we have been and will always be of one mind. The past year has been a challenging and fruitful year. For the year ahead, we will innovate and blaze new trails to develop core competencies. We are sure that our efforts will pay off and produce even more satisfactory results.”


Though the epidemic has kept the attendees apart, Zhende’s regional dealers had remained enthusiastic throughout the synchronous online and offline conference.


The Offline Dealers’ Meeting

The annual sales meetings were then held offline in different regions in the afternoon of January 6. Centered on the theme of “working as one to make breakthroughs and increase sales.” The meetings clarified the development direction and sales strategy for 2022, witnessed signing of sales agreements and presented awards to dealers in acknowledgment of their diligent work and significant contribution to the business growth of Zhende.


When you Drink Water, Think of its Source

We are fully aware that each step we take forward should be attributed to the hard work of our dealers. Starting from the successful convening of this conference, we will continue to innovate in the forefront of the industry, forge ahead steadfastly, develop core competencies and work with our partners to head towards a win-win future.