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Zhende was Named to a 2022 China Top 500 Innovative Brands with a Valuation of RMB 6.965 Billion

A few days ago, Asiabrand, a brand marketing consultancy, organized the 2022 Brand Power Forum and China Top 500 Innovative Brands Conference online and released the list of the China Top 500 Innovative Brands. Zhende, an influential Chinese healthcare brand with a valuation of RMB 6.965 billion, stood out of more than 16,000 Chinese brands and ranked among the 2022 China Top 500 Innovative Brands.


The 2022 China Top 500 Innovative Brands is a ranking compiled and published by Asiabrand in collaboration with the Brand Management Committee of China-Asia Economic Development Association, ABAS Expert Committee and other expert think tanks. The ranking observes the principles of “independent, objective, fair and scientific” to comprehensively evaluate the value of shortlisted brands.

With a valuation of RMB 6.965 billion, Zhende was ranked as one of the Top 500 Brands, with its industry position, influence and innovation capacity recognized by the most authoritative experts in the industry.    


Zhende designed and released the new VI in 2001, since when the brand has built an image centered on professional service and loving care through multiple platforms and in multiple forms. Through active participation in a variety of academic activities and medical device exhibitions, Zhende has consolidated the professional, thoughtful and responsible brand image, strengthened brand exchange and communication with healthcare professionals, and further improved the professional service of Zhende. 


Zhende teamed up with the Beijing International Film Festival to design co-branded masks and worked with Ant Forest to launch the “Magic Species” masks for charitable use. The company also provided medical supplies for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and sponsored the Shenzhou Manned Spacecraft Program. These branding campaigns have strengthened communication between the brand and consumers.     


Founded in 1994, Zhende is a China A-share listed company (hereinafter referred to as “Zhende Healthcare”, stock code: 603301.SH) which specializes in and integrates R&D, production and sales of medical supplies and health products. Since the inception, Zhende has been committed to making healthy life more accessible. In the future, Zhende will continue to focus on healthcare and help empower Chinese brands.