COVID-19 News

Zhende Takes Action to Protect the Health and Safety of Shanghai

Since March, the Omicron variant has spread rapidly in many places in China, especially Shanghai. To cope with the severe and complex epidemic situation in the city, Shanghai went into a lockdown, during which the city is divided into three areas – sealed off area, control area and prevention area. 

Zhende Donates Ostomy Bags for Patients in Shanghai 


On April 13, Shanghai TV reported on the difficulty of patients changing and nursing ostomy bags after colorectal cancer surgery and aroused widespread concern.

In response, Zhende immediately contacted the Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club and Ostomy Rehabilitation Guidance Center to learn about the specific needs of the patients and decided to donate more than RMB 180,000 worth of ostomy care products to relieve the pressing need of about 100 colostomy and urostomy patients in Shanghai. 

In spite of severe freight capacity shortage and rising transportation costs in Shanghai, Zhende has tried various means, overcome a lot of difficulties, contacted a Shanghai-based logistics company and successfully delivered ostomy care supplies and other materials to the patients in the city.

Zhende on the Way


Zhende pays close attention to the epidemic situation in Shanghai. In response to the growing outbreak, Zhende coordinated the existing epidemic prevention materials and organized logistics timely to ensure the quick delivery of Zhende KN95 masks, hand gels, alcohol pads and other medical supplies for residents in Shanghai.

During the lockdown, Shanghai residents can place an order at the flagship store of Zhende on Pinduoduo and have the products delivered within 48 hours to their home. 

We Take Practical Action to Ensure Supply  


Succor Arrives from all Quarters

Zhende sent 8 million surgical masks to Shanghai on April 6 and distributed all of them within two days. As of today, Zhende has urgently dispatched various anti-epidemic supplies to Shanghai in support of epidemic prevention and control in the city, including surgical masks, protective clothing, surgical caps, isolation gowns and isolation masks.

It is impossible to fight the epidemic alone. Zhende has been standing together with the Chinese people to provide strong support for epidemic prevention and control. It has exerted the best effort to support the fight against the epidemic and offered a helping hand to people affected by the epidemic.