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Reducing Ventilation Resistance by 80% | Wearing Zhende Low Resistance Medical Protective Mask to Breathe Freely!

Recently, the double "attacks" of frequent high temperatures and a new round of COVID-19 epidemic since the beginning of summer have aroused widespread concern. As of 0:00 on August 10, a total of 1,893 cases of local confirmed cases have been reported in Hainan. 



 Zhende Rush to the Rescue of Hainan to Cope with the Epidemic! 


The mask is a "warm jacket" in winter, but a "nightmare" in summer. 


Have you ever felt stuffy, breathed hard, and your face was wet with sweat after wearing the protective mask?

As a leading manufacturer of medical protective articles in China, Zhende has always maintained its original intention of "Dedicating to Profession Love for Subtlety", and launched new products for summer - low resistance medical protective mask that reduces the ventilation resistance by 80%. 



The low resistance medical protective mask of Zhende adopts new ultra-thin materials, which can reduce the ventilation resistance by 80% and make free breathing easier. 


The inner layer is made of medical skin-friendly environmental protection materials with an ergonomic shape, which fits the face, making it more comfortable to wear. 


The mask adopts high-quality melt-blown fabric, with multi-layer protection, bacteria resistance, anti blood spattering, filtration efficiency of non-oily particles ≥99% (based on the laboratory test result), and independent sterilization packaging, which can provide you with a more comprehensive safety protection. 


The low resistance medical protective masks of Zhende make your breathing easier and safer. 


Advantages of Low Resistance Medical Protective Masks 


The low resistance medical protective mask of Zhende is applicable to medical staff in fever clinics and isolation wards, nasopharyngeal swab samplers, etc., to prevent airborne respiratory infectious diseases.

In addition, the super soft and low resistance medical protective mask of Zhende also greatly meets the epidemic prevention requirements of ordinary people in their daily life. It is characterized by low resistance, breathability and efficient protection, so that you can breathe more freely!

Under the frequent high temperatures and the repeated epidemic, we cannot relax the pace of anti epidemic. It is believed that under the correct leadership of the national government and the joint efforts of the national people, may you enjoy the beauty in the nature and find peace in the world.