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New Product | Cooling Vest of Zhende Comes into the Market!

In order to block the spread of COVID-19, medical staff need to wear medical protective clothing for a long time for medical work. Due to the poor breathability of medical protective clothing, medical staff feel stuffy and humid, and more fatigued, reducing the work efficiency and easily causing accidents.

On May 30, 2022, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued the Guidelines for Heatstroke Prevention and Cooling for COVID-19 Prevention and Control Personnel, specifying that epidemic prevention and control organizations at all levels should strengthen personal protection for high-temperature operations, and provide personal protective articles such as air-cooled vest and cooling vest that can be worn in protective clothing for epidemic prevention and control personnel according to work needs.

The cooling vest is a kind of cooling clothing, which can be used to reduce the sensible temperature of the human body through a self cooling device (e.g. cooling bag) in a high temperature environment without an air conditioner or other refrigeration equipment to prevent heat stress or heatstroke. 


The cooling vest of Zhende is composed of the vest, the cooling block, the cold insulation bag and the plastic box for cold storage. 



Vest: PP composite PE is used, which is breathable, waterproof and bacteria resistant, with high safety performance, no irritation to skin, soft and comfortable texture, better impermeability and high impact resistance. 

The front and back of the vest are connected by Velcro, which can be adjusted to fit different people. The front and back of the pocket are equipped with a curtain that can be closed to prevent the cooling bag from falling off. 


Cooling block: its interior is filled with cooling gel. The cooling block can be used after 2-4h pre-cooling in the freezer or refrigerator freezer (-10 to -20°C) or 4-8h in the refrigerator, which is not easy to be damaged after freezing and can be reused. 

Cold insulation bag: it has soft and comfortable texture, good impermeability, and high impact resistance, which can prevent discomfort caused by overcooling. 

Plastic box for cold storage: the freezing date of the cooling bag shall be recorded, and the partition shall be used to guarantee the leveling of the cooling bag.


In hot weather, we hope all epidemic prevention workers can have a more comfortable working environment, and wish all of you success in your work!