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Development Driven by Digitalization | Research and guidance of Zhende by leaders of Zhejiang Medical Products Administration

On October 13, a delegation led by Wang Jiawei, a member of the Leading Party Group and Deputy Director of Zhejiang Medical Products Administration, visited Zhende to conduct research and guidance. CEO Xu Dasheng, Chief Quality Officer Guoqiang and relevant persons in charge of Zhende received and discussed together. 


Wang Jiawei, a member of the Leading Party Group and Deputy Director of Zhejiang Medical Products Administration, led a delegation to visit Zhende for research, listen to reports on the basic situation, business status, projects under construction and other aspects of Zhende, and gave guidance.

Chief Quality Officer Guo Qiang of Zhende introduced the 28-year development history of Zhende to Deputy Director Wang Jiawei from its establishment in 1994, its listing in 2018 to its active fight against the COVID-19 in 2020. Now, Zhende has established five major production bases in China, and has sold its products to the world. Such achievements cannot be achieved without the support of the state and government and its own efforts. 


In this regard, Deputy Director Wang Jiawei said that Zhende has not only made contributions to the development of the industry, but also stepped forward in times of crisis and actively assumed social responsibility, which can be called as a responsible national enterprise.

In the product display area, Deputy Director Wang Jiawei affirmed the newly launched Carenear intelligent collection system of surgical waste liquid, ultrasonic scalpel, stapler, low resistance medical protective mask and other products of Zhende, and highly praised its contribution to China's aerospace industry. 


Deputy Director Wang Jiawei also said that these products not only represent the latest technology in the industry, but also highly and efficiently prevent medical staff and ordinary people from infection.

In addition, as a leading enterprise in the industry, Zhende has vigorously developed digitalization and innovation, built efficient automated workshops and warehouses, won the CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate, owned 638 authorized patents, and ranked among Zhejiang Factory of the Future in 2022... 

At the symposium, Deputy Director Wang Jiawei fully affirmed the digital development achievements of Zhende, and proposed that Zhende should continue to focus on high-quality innovation, become more innovative, and make greater contributions to ensuring the health of the national people. 


Finally, Deputy Director Wang Jiawei encouraged everyone that digitalization is the trend of future social development and the new opportunities to carry out a new round of scientific and technological revolution, as well as industrial transformation. Enterprises should firmly follow the path of digital transformation, seize the opportunity, achieve new development, and maintain enough patience and perseverance, so as to achieve sustainable development, and provide more comprehensive medical services and health care for the national people.