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Tracing to the Source of Zhende, Exploring the Factory | Ali Health Takes You to Zhende!

"How are medical products which related to our life produced?" "What is Zhende Factory like?". 


On September 14, with these questions, Ali Health Pharmacy came to Zhende to trace the source of Zhende, explore the factory, deeply understand the whole process of production and packaging of Zhende products, and answer questions for hundreds of millions of consumers through live broadcast.

First of all, Ali Health Pharmacy came to Zhende Automated Workshop to show consumers the whole process of Zhende products from automated production, efficient packaging to multiple quality tests. 


The Ninth Workshop displayed in the live broadcast is Zhende Automated Production Workshop, which has reached 100,000-level purification. Te automated program guarantees the stable production process in the whole process, improves the product consistency and production efficiency, and reduces the labor cost. 


Zhende has five major production bases in China, and achieves streamline production with lean production technologies. While improving production efficiency, it also strictly controls product quality, and has won the High Quality Development Contribution Award, High tech Enterprise Award, etc., as well as the recognition of third-party certification bodies, domestic and foreign governments and partners.

It is worth mentioning that with the development of production technologies, in addition to the industry-leading full-automatic production line, Zhende also has 25,000 storage locations and a modern intelligent stereoscopic warehouse that can store 320,000 pieces of goods and handle 15,000 pieces of goods per day, greatly improving the warehousing and logistics efficiency.

Through the live broadcast, the customers watch the automated, digital and large-scale streamline production of Zhende products from feeding to packaging, and exclaim at the high-tech production process of Zhende.

Founded in 1994, Zhende is a Chinese A-share listed company and a leading supplier of medical care and protective equipment in China. With the ideal of "Bringing Healthy Life within Reach", Zhende has formed six product categories, including basic medical dressings, operating room sensation, stress treatment and immobilization, stoma and chronic wound, home care and personal protection.

Zhende has established R&D centers in Shaoxing and Shanghai, and built the first provincial key enterprise institute in the industry, provincial engineering technology research center and other innovative R&D platforms. The total R&D area is about 8,000 m2, with more than 100 full-time R&D personnel, accounting for 13% of the total number of employees.

"Dedicating to Profession Love for Subtlety" has always been the philosophy of Zhende. In addition, it has also adhered to the combination of hard power of scientific research and the soft service of customer first, so that Zhende can rapidly grow into a leader in the medical device industry.

As a leading enterprise in the medical device industry, Zhende carried out the live broadcast of "one continuous shot" to explore the factory, showing the society a transparent, automated and planned production model. It takes the initiative to eliminate information asymmetry in consumer consumption decisions, and gains consumer trust with its assurance of product quality and assiduous pursuit.

In the future, Zhende will also continue to produce reliable medical and health protection products based on the philosophy of "Dedicating to Profession Love for Subtlety", bringing healthy life within reach.