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CMEF | Featured Products of Zhende Made the Scene Atmosphere Reach a Climax

In order to follow epidemic prevention and control regulations, the 86th CMEF originally scheduled to be held from November 23 to 26, was announced to be suspended on November 25.

Although due to the impact of the epidemic situation, there are some regrets for the extension, but we are eager to share the achievements in the medical field with customers. Let's review the wonderful performance of Zhende Medical on the first day of CMEF!

Zhende Medical Products Co., Ltd., a Chinese A-share listed company, was established in 1994. It is a leading supplier of medical care and protective products in China, and has a high reputation and market share in both domestic and foreign markets. 



At this exhibition, Zhende Medical, together with its three brands Midea, Ya'ao and Stanger, made a wonderful appearance in CMEF, including six categories of new products: basic medical dressing, operating room sensing, pressure treatment and fixation, ostomy and chronic wound, home care and personal protection.

After the integration of wound ostomy products from Asia and Australia, bandage products from Midea and protective equipment products from Stanger, it not only improved the industrial chain layout of Zhende Medical, formed synergies, but also expanded the business scale. 




At the site, Zhende prepared a new product conference for customers coming from afar, and let the on-site exhibitors stop to listen with professional explanations, so that everyone had a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of Zhende's strength, and ignited the on-site atmosphere. 

 Customers are participating in the new product launch 

At the same time, the site also prepared activities such as product question and answer, interaction and courtesy, and customers came to the booth to consult and participate in the activities in an endless stream. 

 The Customer Is Consulting Zhende Products 

As a leading supplier of medical protective equipment in China, Zhende Medical shared the latest developments in the medical field on the first day of CMEF, and brought product trials, new product launches, on-site interaction and other activities.

Although we can't accompany you through the 4-day exhibition this time, we believe that after many twists and turns, we will finally reunite, and Zhende Medical will meet you in a more professional and intelligent "Zhende" new look.

Wonderful to be continued, we will see you soon!